Happy New Year! 2016 Year In Review

By:  Timothy M. Black This time last year, I was sitting in the lobby of the Swan Hotel at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, eating a Mickey Mouse-shaped cookie, reflecting on the year that was and dreaming about the … Continue reading

Last Week in Review – Tim’s Car Breaks Down During Cubs World Series, Halloween, DUI Defense, & Criminal Defense

Posted by: Timothy M. Black The Cubs celebrate after winning the 2016 World Series. Hey, remember when the Cubs won the World Series?  I know it seems like that was a lifetime ago, but remember when droves of children dressed … Continue reading

Cook County Judge Orders Expansion of Illinois Medical Marijuana to Include Post-Operative Chronic Pain

This week, a Chicago judge made another important ruling for medical marijuana in this state. Cook County Judge Neil Cohen issued a ruling that requires the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) to add Post-Operative Chronic Pain to its list of conditions for … Continue reading

Biased Speed Traps?

An interesting report from Chicago Tribune writers Tony Briscoe and Joe Mahr reveals that some Chicago suburbs might be biased against non residents when it comes to officers handing out speeding tickets. The report focuses a lot on the small Western suburb of Wayne, known for its … Continue reading

Judge Rules PTSD Medical Marijuana Eligible.

Just this Tuesday Illinois judge Neil Cohen made a strong statement to the Department of Public Health that made Post traumatic Stress  Disorder  a disease that’s eligible for medical marijuana prescription, Carla Johnson of the Associative Press reports. The case came to … Continue reading