Chicago Department of Transportation pushing for expansion of traffic cameras

Per Megan hickey of CbsChicago, the Chicago Department of Transportation is pushing for new traffic cameras that would monitor who blocks busy intersections. Drivers are already pretty pissed off about the idea, although a study from Northwestern University Transportation Center found that more red light cameras decrease accidents and increase safety benefits. But drivers aren’t sold. From the article, people like Dan Wyrobek think they “cause more harm than good” and implied this was more about revenue making than keeping people safe. Laura Perry, another driver interviewed in the article, stated she just wished people would use their brains. As the article notes, more red light cameras would require changing the current law to expand the amount of red light cameras the state is allowed to use. This was what CDOT Commissioner Rebekah Scheinfeld was pushing for in her statements Tuesday. Expanding police powers is dangerous to privacy in my opinion and like some of the interviewees from the article, I question if there is better use of police time.

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