Friday Feature From Lauralaw!

imageimageWrapping up another incredibly busy week of court, clients, reading and digesting new and notable United States Supreme Court rulings concerning DUI laws, we decided we needed to have a party! One of our staff attorneys  Jayne Bart-Plange gave us the perfect excuse. Although really, who needs an excuse to have the occasional law office party? Plus, it gave everyone an excuse to check out the grand opening of the Super Walgreens that opened across the street. Although frankly I fail to see the difference between this Walgreens and its predecessor other than size and the fact that I now have less parking available on Devon!

We will really miss Jayne’s presence on a day to day basis but since she will be coming back to work on some special projects, this was not a final goodbye! We will be seeing her on some weekends and for trials she has promised to follow. A great time was had by all, especially because Jayne baked a really tremendous cake.  Yes, she insisted on making the going away cake for her own party! But she got rewarded by a huge flower bouquet creatively nestled in a huge decorative martini glass to use in her new apartment!

Flowers were courtesy of Marilyn Schuman of “Across the Street Home & Floral”.



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