Friday Frolic – Happy 3 Year Anniversary to Maddy Cruz!

20161118_160032Today is a very important day in the history of LauraLaw.  3 years ago, to the day, this office added a little bit of Maddness (pun intended) to an already fun atmosphere.  That’s right, November 18, 2013, we welcomed our beloved Maddy Cruz to the family.  Since that fateful day, Maddy has manned our front desk, manned our phones, and manned our calendar (among many other duties)!  As the gatekeeper to our office, Maddy has done her best to scare away the crazies, maintain a pipeline to every Clerk‘s office, and promote lunchtime adventures with Tim.  We literally could not get through a single day without Maddy, and we could not think of anyone we would rather have watching our backs.  She has brought so much to the table, and has helped us grow in innumerable ways.  Thank you Maddy.  We love you.

If you follow this blog, you would know that this sort of occasion would normally be grounds for a party at LauraLaw.  Unfortunatley, however, our fearless leader has come down with a bug, and she doesn’t want to jeopardize her staff!  While she continues to answer calls and write emails from her bed, we are all sitting at the office hoping for her quick recovery.  I know Dean and her sons Jake and Alex are also hoping for a quick recovery, because Thanksgiving just wouldn’t be the same without Laura’s fabulous chef skills.  So stay tuned for pictures to come from a party to come that, I’m sure, will be fitting of Maddy’s impact on our office.

In the meantime, have a great weekend, and don’t hesitate to contact this office if you have any needs in the practice areas of Criminal Defense, DUI Defense, Administrative Hearings, or Police Officer Defense.  And when Maddy answers the telephone, don’t forget to wish her a happy 3 year anniversary at LauraLaw.

Here are just a few of our favorite moments with Maddy:

img_159011 img_192611 img_263911 img_293911 img_352411

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