Great Tips For New Lawyers Courtesy of Lawyerist Blog

law-books-291683__180Randall Ryder of the popular Lawyerist blog  wrote an excellant blog post with some fabulous tips for new lawyers that we here at lauralaw believe are also great tips for even seasoned lawyers. We all know many a lawyer who when talking casually to opposong counsel on a phone call or in person just talk too much and in an effort to appear accomodating start “oversharing”. One of his greatest points was to sit back and listen. This is a tough skill to learn as we lawyers love to talk. I have always believed that listening and not rushing in to fill a momentary silence in a conversation is one of the best skills for any lawyer-actually everyone in general- to learn. Most people have forgotten or never learned the art of listening! At first it may really make you uncomfortable but remember people love talking about themselves. While no  one likes awkward seeming pauses if you try not rushing in with further conversation, the other person invariably will fill the void, and you will inevitably learn some nugget of information that may give you a better understanding of not only your client’s case but perhaps the attorneys’ mindset as well. Click  . to read this excellant aricle courtesy of Randall Ryder.

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