Marijuana Legalization is coming to Illinois sooner than the Public may think


According to Brody Woodell of wquad 8, legal Marijuana in Illinois is closer to happening than the public may think. The main reason being of course the recent election of Governor J.B Pritzker, who has stated in the past that he supports complete legalization mainly for financial purposes. He believes legalization may provide up to 700 billion dollars tax in revenue, with which as Chris Lindsay of the Illinois Marijuana Policy Project notes can be used to fund programs that are financially strapped and need support. From the article,  “Will it pay for everything? No,” Lindsay said. “But will it pay for some important programs that would otherwise go completely unfunded? Yeah.” Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan is also in support of legalization, and so is most importantly 60% of the population according to a 2016 gallup poll. The article mainly sticks to financial issues as reasons for legalization but there are also plenty of social justice related issues that are just as important, if not more. Minorities have been targeted and jailed much more often than white people, despite similar usage rates. Keeping people out of jail and out of personal financial trouble is alone worth legalization even without considering public financial issues. Overall the case for legal weed is overwhelming.

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