Montana judge rules first amendment doesn’t protect Nazis from liability for anti Semitic Harassing

◦ Per the Southern Poverty Law Institute, “Chief Judge Dana L. Christensen of the U.S. District court for the District of Montana ruled today that the first amendment does not protect Andrew Anglin, the publisher of the neo-nazi website Daily Stormer, from liability for his decision to launch an antisemitic “troll storm” directed at Tanya Gersh, a Jewish real estate agent in Whitefish Montana.” The SPLC took Gersh on as a client in 2017 to sue Andrew and his fiends from the daily stormer for the vicious harassment they dolled out to Gersh and her family, including 700 harassing messages over the course of 4 months. The terrorism began after Anglin accused Gersh of extorting money from the mother of another prominent Nazi, Richard Spencer. This made Gersh a primary target of these prominent and vicious nazis. They then used their online army of cowards to try and destroy this women’s life. Thankfully a courageous Gersh and the SPLC took them on and with this news scored a big victory for themselves and hopefully the future. The still on going lawsuit seeks compensatory and punitive damages while outlining how Anglin violated the Montana anti intimidation Act. But this ruling is especially enormous in outlining what the plaintiffs were seeking- That online campaigns of hatred and intimidation are not free speech protected from liability.

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