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Wednesday, April 3,2013


For decades, members of the local Republican Party have run Maine Township government regularly earning the support of voters to provide such services as helping people in need of financial and food assistance, offering programs for senior citizens, maintaining roads in the unincorporated areas and advocating on behalf of local residents matters pertaining to land use and property assessment reduction.

Every four years, a slate of Democrats usually emerges to provide voters a choice by claiming that they can manage township government more efficiently and at less cost.

What we’ve found by listening to the Democratic candidates is that they are always well-meaning and in most cases fairly qualified. The problem is that the ideas they put forth are not strong or convincing enough to warrant tossing out the incumbents who are running things well.

In next Tuesday’s election, the Democratic field is comprised of four trustee candidates and a township clerk hopeful. The Republicans are offering a full slate of four incumbent trustee candidates, along with candidates for supervisor, clerk, assessor and highway commissioner.

The Journal & Topics Newspaper enthusiastically recommends the reelection of Supervisor Carol Teschky, Highway Commissioner Robert Provenzano, Assessor Thomas Rueckert, Clerk Gary Warner and for trustee, Peter Gialamas, Walter Kazmierczak, Laura Morask and Susan Moylan Krey. They’ve displayed sound leadership the last four years by maintaining—and in some cases—improving on a high level of service and openness in government.

Gang Awareness–the Battle Continues

My commitment to fighting gangs and creating community awareness of how to protect families remains strong.  My work last year in gathering together law enforcement, township officials and residents for a Gang Awareness seminar made a strong difference in the community and I plan to continue these no-cost programs when reelected.  I was so honored that Township Perspective profiled this program as an example of a strong state program.  The program has helped fight crime and bring together the community, supporting the ongoing battle against gangs. I will continue to be a Leader in the Fight Against Gangs to protect our neighborhoods.


Coast2Coast Helps Residents, Saves Dollars

What I love about our Maine Township Republican incumbent team is that we find innovative ways to solve real problems–at no cost.  Here’s an example of a program that I wholeheartedly supported with my vote as a Maine Township trustee.  Many seniors manage as best they can with a fixed budget, but that has become more and more difficult with the challenges in our economy.  When the state cut aid to seniors with prescription coverage under Medicaid, the Maine Township Board decided to find a solution:  the Coast2Coast Rx Card.  By enrolling in this program, residents gain deep discounts on thousands of medications.  It offers:
  • Savings on medication costs for all Maine Township residents, regardless of income, age or health
  • No eligibility requirements and is available at thousands of participating pharmacies and covers over 60,000 drugs, including generics
  • Potential savings over health insurance plans (check with your provider), even though designed for those without health insurance
  • No expense to township taxpayers.  In fact, the township will eventually receive a royalty on each prescription filled, saving taxpayers even more.
This program can save township residents up to 75% off their drug cost.  This kind of creativity has helped Maine Township, unlike other local governments, reduce its tax levy by 25%.  Help us support seniors and keep these important, no-cost programs going by voting in the local Illinois election on April 9, 2013.  Punch #81.  Your vote counts!

Illinois Election April 2013-An Important Privilege

As American citizens, our three most important privileges and duties are voting, jury duty and military service.  Think of all the times you read a news article and bemoan the rising tide of (taxes, crime, fill in the blank).  Your vote has a voice on April 9, 2013, as we go to the polls for many important races.  Traditionally, people associate voting with the Presidential election cycle, but the local races are where your vote really counts.  Local elections select the core people of our neighborhoods that directly affect you and your family’s daily lives.  I have been reflecting on the importance of this privilege, especially as a Maine Township trustee and 25-year resident of Park Ridge.  We face critical community issues, including tax revenue, commercial development, flooding problems and more.  Gang awareness and helping young people with employment remain a strong focal point for me as an elected official.  Your vote is important to help me and the Maine Township Republican slate continue to move forward on key issues by reducing your tax levy by 25%, increasing no-cost senior and youth programs and offering a free township-wide prescription drug program, all while maintaining a balanced budget with no debt.  Take the time to vote at your precinct location.  Whether you vote early (early voting runs from March 26-April 6) or on election day, Punch #81.  Your vote makes a difference!


Des Plaines Illinois Aldermanic Debate March 2013

The Des Plaines Aldermanic Debate, sponsored by the Journal & Topics Newspapers on March 21, 2013, offered great information on the important issues facing our community in the upcoming election.  Gaming, tax revenue, commercial development, flooding problems and more were discussed in front of a packed room in preparation for the April 9, 2013, Illinois election.  As we gear up for reelection, I was proud to be introduced as part of the Maine Township Republican slate that has done so much for the community.  I look forward to continuing my work with the slate to provide no-cost programs for gang awareness and to help young people with employment through job fairs or helping seniors maintain their homes.  Don’t forget to vote.  For early voting information, click here.

Laura J. Morask runs for reelection during the Illinois election on April 9, 2013, as part of the Maine Township Illinois Republican slate.

Lights on After School

I recently had the opportunity to help unveil the new permanent art installation created by the youth  of our community at Golf Mill for the Niles Teen Center. This is a cause near and dear to me. It is amazing what after school children’s programs can do to help keep our kids off the street at what I refer to as the “witching hours.” I teach a Township-wide free gang prevention seminar that I developed seven years ago and this is one of our main themes;that parents need to know where there kids are but equally important, to enlist the community to develop programs and places where kids can hang out and want to hang out. Niles has done an admirable job in both these respects!  Particularly in this project. Much as we don’t like to admit it, sometimes gang graffiti has encroached into the northwest suburbs and is frequently referred to by experts in the field of crime prevention and gang violence as the calling card of the gang. What is so great about this Niles project was having these  kids channel artistic and creative skills into an art project. The many participating youth were asked to each make a “tile” with a theme of pride in their community and then the tiles were made into a huge collage for permanent display.

Republican Womens Forum

On Thursday, March 7th, I had the pleasure of representing the Maine Township Trustees at the Republican Womens Forum held in the packed South Park Field House in Park Ridge.  The room for the local candidates forum was overflowing with residents as they listened to candidates talk about several topics. One being the great free programs offered by the township that were approved and or run by trustees.  In addition, it was pointed out that we are one of the few governments that have reduced the property tax levy by 25%. We also have the most popular Coast-to-Coast Prescription Discount program, which can save the township residents up to 75% off their drug cost. Among other programs, The Gang Awareness Seminar program was brought up, which I developed seven years ago and reaches out to all facets of the community. National Night Out Against Crime and Neighborhood Watch, both of which are chaired by Trustee Moylan-Krey and run by Trustees Morask, Kazmiercak, and Gialamas, also highlights local safety issues.

Statewide Magazine Recognizes Local Anti-Gang Seminar

Laura’s successful work in the gang crimes field was recently featured in Township Perspective, published by the Township Officials of Illinois. Distributed to thousands of Illinois residents, the article focused on her acclaimed anti-gang seminar. Laura developed this seminar seven years ago in conjunction with the Maine Township Board, and the Maine Stay Youth and Family Services. Click here for image gallery.

Laura brought together a panel of community residents and local officials for an open forum where residents could discuss concerns and learn tips to keep their families safe from the pervasive spread of gangs. The panel included local police chiefs, representatives from the state’s attorneys office, local school administrators and social workers. Read full article…

In the Park Ridge Herald-Advocate

In the Park Ridge Herald-Advocate on Thursday, December 20th, 2012 the Gang Awareness Seminar spearheaded by Laura was prominently featured in Natasha Wasinski’s full page article entitled “Maine Township Panel Looks at Changes in Suburban Gang Activity” featuring Laura’s recent Gang Seminar panel held on October 17th at Maine Township and sponsored by the Maine Township Mainestay Youth and Family Services Department. As a three-term Maine Township Trustee and former Cook County Prosecutor in the Gang Unit, Laura developed this seminar six years ago in an effort to promote and heighten community awareness of potential gang crime activity in our township areas. Thursday’s article featured Park Ridge Chief of Police Frank Kaminski, and Niles Police Chief Dean Strzelecki.