Rahm Emanuel in DC to advocate graduation requirement ideas


Rahm Emanuel’s trip to Washington D.C. was detailed this morning in the Chicago Tribunes “Morning Spin” section. Emanuel is actually giving a speech as I write this billed as “Moving forward in Chicago.” The speeches main purpose is so Emmanuel can advocate his recent idea for education reform: Requiring that High School diploma seekers prove that they have been accepted into a College, military, or “gap year” program before they are given diplomas. The event is being live streamed on the National Press Clubs website, and the events organizers were taking potential questions emailed into Emmanuel until about 9 A.M. that Emanuel will supposedly answer. After this event, Emanuel will head to Montreal for the world congress. There is some controversy over Emanuel’s plan, especially in how it will affect at risk children for who getting into an after high school program might be out of their control. Emanuel’s administration is focused on seeing College graduation among CPS students increase, and that they have a plan for the future. However some education experts question how this will affect not only students but also the City colleges that with this new rule could see large influxes of students who need monetary support to attend. City colleges as it is now have trouble with funding so there will be need to be more hiring and funding.

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