What You Need to Know about Recreational Marijuana in California

mjOn January 1, 2018, recreational marijuana became legal in the state of California.  California’s market is expected to be the largest legal marijuana market ever with more buyers and sellers than any state has ever seen. This means there are a few rules and regulations that users have to abide by if they want to partake and some things to know before you start your road trip to California.  Here’s a quick recap on everything you’ll need to know about recreational marijuana in California:


Age and Weight

The age requirement to buy and use marijuana is 21 years and older. This means that the dispensaries will of course be checking IDs the make sure no one underage illegally purchases the drug.  There’s also restrictions on the amount a person can purchase and carry- up to one ounce of marijuana.  The state has imposed the time frame of 10pm- 6am where dispensaries are not allowed to sell.

Non-resident Usage?

Residents of any state can purchase the recreational marijuana– but if it crosses state lines it can be considered drug trafficking and carries heavy consequences.  (Stay tuned for a blog on marijuana at the federal level). Taking drugs with you on an airplane probably isn’t the best idea either and could potentially get you in legal trouble there as well.  As we recently wrote, it’s also important to remember that an employer can terminate an employee for using recreational or medicinal marijuana, even if the drugs were legal where used.

“Can I smoke here?”

Be careful where you smoke as well.  In California it is still illegal to smoke in public and there is a state imposed fine for those who break the law.  Marijuana usage must be done on private property.  Marijuana is also banned from all places where tobacco is banned which means you can’t light up at schools or parks either.

Driving Under the Influence

As of January 1st, it’s illegal to use marijuana while operating a motor vehicle or as a passenger in a vehicle. Police are on the lookout for users driving under the influence and those who are caught under the influence will face DUI charges.  Marijuana also must be in a completely sealed container if it is being carried in a car which is the same as alcohol.


As always, if you have questions on this topic or others feel free to give us a call and one of our skilled attorneys will happy to assist you.


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