Anti-Hazing Seminar, Eye-Opening and Valuable

Hazing prevention seminar participants:  Todd Wessell, Hannah Kline, Tom Delehanty, Darnell McCoy, Jessica Henry, Sergeant Kenneth Boudreau, Dr. Gina Lee-Olukoya, Laura Morask, B. Eliot Hopkins, Detective Gregory Jacobson

Hazing prevention seminar participants: Todd Wessell, Hannah Kline, Tom Delehanty, Darnell McCoy, Jessica Henry, Sergeant Kenneth Boudreau, Dr. Gina Lee-Olukoya, Laura Morask, B. Eliot Hopkins, Detective Gregory Jacobson

As a Maine Township trustee and a concerned parent, I am committed to working with our community. I was honored to be the moderator at the Anti-Hazing Seminar, which I feel brought much-needed attention to this ongoing problem.

In attendance were several keynote speakers that explained the repercussions of hazing and how it can affect both children and their parents. They reviewed the issue from the student’s perspective, including how the importance of belonging can cause them to accept hazing. I was deeply touched by the parents that flew in from other states to share their stories and the young people who had the courage to talk about their experiences of being bullied.

Laura Morask moderates the anti-hazing seminar.

Laura Morask (seated, moderator of the anti-hazing seminar) listens as Pam Champion speaks.

Specific ideas were offered on how to prevent and monitor hazing in our schools and community.  I want to thank the school administrators, law enforcement officials and hazing experts who participated.  An even greater thank you goes to the parents and students who had the bravery to tell their stories to support putting a stop to this troubling trend. What an honor it was to be featured on WBBM Radio and countless articles, both national and local.

Journal & Topics article 

Anti-Hazing Forum

mzl_jdbmvoccMaine Township will be sponsoring an Anti-Hazing Forum this Wednesday, May 22 at the Des Plaines Leisure Center, located at 2222 Birch Street. Please join me, as well as B.Elliott Hopkins, a board member of Hazing Prevention.Org, and is the director of the National Federation of State High School Associations Student Leadership Conference, Dr. Gina Lee-Olukoyand, who serves on the board of directors of Hazing Prevention.Org, and directs the Novak Institute for Hazing Prevention. Also in attendance will be Sergeant Kenneth Boudreau, Administrative Sergeant/Commanding Officer of the Chicago Police Dept.’s Gang Enforcement unit, Detective Gregory Jacobson, a homicide detective for the Chicago Police Dept. and Mr. Tom Delehanty, who currently serves as a national marketing director for Sequel Youth and Family Services.This is an ongoing problem that exists not only in our community, but in Grade Schools, High Schools and Colleges across the nation. Let’s take on the challenge together to protect our children. Hope to see you there!

Spring Fashion Show

As posted in The Daily Herald the Academy Awards are coming to Niles. Back by popular demand, Maine Township Republican Women will host their annual Spring Fashion Show. Join us this Saturday in an afternoon of Fashion, beautiful flowers, good food and friends! Come see some of your elected officials walk the runway in clothing  provided by two Boutiques right here in Park Ridge.

New Speaker, Anti-Hazing Forum

I am excited to announce that a new speaker has joined our panel at the upcoming Anti-Hazing Forum on Wednesday, May 22. Dr. Gina Lee-Olukoya, Associate Dean of Students at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, has expressed an interest in contributing, and we happily welcome her to our team. In her role at the U of I, Lee-Olukoya provides oversight and support to Fraternity and Sorority Affairs and is also a member of the Board of Directors of Hazing Prevention.Org., a renowned beacon in the fight against hazing. Lee-Olukoya’s insight and expertise will certainly prove to be an enriching addition to our program. The 90-minute forum will be held at the Des Plaines Park District’s Leisure Center, located at 2222 Birch St., in Des Plaines, and will commence at 7 p.m. Refreshments will be available after the program accompanied by a question and answer session. I look forward to seeing you at this very important community event. Learn more.

Support Local Retailers: 3rd Annual Maine Township Fashion Show

Morask Fashion Show

Laura Morask, Jan Provenzano and Allison Poppone prepare for the 3rd annual Maine Township Fashion Show.

Get out the glam!  Support the local retailers!  For the third year in a row, I am chairperson for an event that combines fun, fashion and the community.  The annual Maine Township Fashion Show offers a great way to participate locally and have a great time.

The fun part—it’s an Academy Awards theme where we will be giving awards for the best celebrity look-a-like outfit with a great lunch from Chateau Ritz.

The community part includes fashions and flowers provided by local retailers, including Uptown Girlz, Natalie’s Boutique and Pesches’s flowers.  Models will include township officials and special dignitaries, such as State Treasurer Dan Rutherford, 20th District State Representative Michael McAuliffe and Highway Commissioner Bob Provenzano to name just a few.

As you know, I am a strong believer in events that bring together government and the local community (check out my Gang Awareness seminar).  While this fashion show is a more light-hearted event, the theme of using community resources to support our local businesses is just as important.

Tickets for a “Day at the Oscars” (May 4, Chateau Ritz, Niles) are available by contacting me at 847-696-7185 or Jan Provenzano at 847-390-8964.  All proceeds will benefit the local women’s club.  Whether you choose the classic beauty of Elizabeth Taylor or the hip look of Zooey Deschanel, it’s your chance to be a star!  Learn more.

Anti-Hazing and Bullying Forum

As one of your Maine Township Trustees, one of my proudest accomplishments has been my initiation of The Anti-Gang Education Forums. As I maintain involvement in what is happening in our neighborhoods, there is both a noticeable and gaining presence of Bullying and Hazing, not only in our schools, but also as a national problem. It is important that parents are aware of what is happening in our community, due to the fact that most children are not informing their parents about what they are experiencing. As an epidemic, this truly needs to be addressed and I am honored to be part of The Anti-Hazing and Bullying Forum on May 22. One of the speakers, B. Elliott Hopkins, director of Sports, Sanctioning and Educational Services for the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) will join Sergeant Kenneth Boudreau and Detective Greg Jacobson along with additional panelists at the forum. If you are able to attend, please mark your calendar. Together we can be the voice for our children as they face these senseless acts of abuse.

Thank You!

I would like to  send a big Thank You to all of those who went to the polls to vote last week. It has been an honor to serve our community as one of your Maine Township Trustees and I will continue to do all that I can to ensure your trust in me. Let us move forward together as we keep Maine Township a safe and truly special place to live.


Laura Morask



Journal Election Endorsements, Park Ridge Journal

Wednesday, April 3,2013


For decades, members of the local Republican Party have run Maine Township government regularly earning the support of voters to provide such services as helping people in need of financial and food assistance, offering programs for senior citizens, maintaining roads in the unincorporated areas and advocating on behalf of local residents matters pertaining to land use and property assessment reduction.

Every four years, a slate of Democrats usually emerges to provide voters a choice by claiming that they can manage township government more efficiently and at less cost.

What we’ve found by listening to the Democratic candidates is that they are always well-meaning and in most cases fairly qualified. The problem is that the ideas they put forth are not strong or convincing enough to warrant tossing out the incumbents who are running things well.

In next Tuesday’s election, the Democratic field is comprised of four trustee candidates and a township clerk hopeful. The Republicans are offering a full slate of four incumbent trustee candidates, along with candidates for supervisor, clerk, assessor and highway commissioner.

The Journal & Topics Newspaper enthusiastically recommends the reelection of Supervisor Carol Teschky, Highway Commissioner Robert Provenzano, Assessor Thomas Rueckert, Clerk Gary Warner and for trustee, Peter Gialamas, Walter Kazmierczak, Laura Morask and Susan Moylan Krey. They’ve displayed sound leadership the last four years by maintaining—and in some cases—improving on a high level of service and openness in government.

Gang Awareness–the Battle Continues

My commitment to fighting gangs and creating community awareness of how to protect families remains strong.  My work last year in gathering together law enforcement, township officials and residents for a Gang Awareness seminar made a strong difference in the community and I plan to continue these no-cost programs when reelected.  I was so honored that Township Perspective profiled this program as an example of a strong state program.  The program has helped fight crime and bring together the community, supporting the ongoing battle against gangs. I will continue to be a Leader in the Fight Against Gangs to protect our neighborhoods.


Coast2Coast Helps Residents, Saves Dollars

What I love about our Maine Township Republican incumbent team is that we find innovative ways to solve real problems–at no cost.  Here’s an example of a program that I wholeheartedly supported with my vote as a Maine Township trustee.  Many seniors manage as best they can with a fixed budget, but that has become more and more difficult with the challenges in our economy.  When the state cut aid to seniors with prescription coverage under Medicaid, the Maine Township Board decided to find a solution:  the Coast2Coast Rx Card.  By enrolling in this program, residents gain deep discounts on thousands of medications.  It offers:
  • Savings on medication costs for all Maine Township residents, regardless of income, age or health
  • No eligibility requirements and is available at thousands of participating pharmacies and covers over 60,000 drugs, including generics
  • Potential savings over health insurance plans (check with your provider), even though designed for those without health insurance
  • No expense to township taxpayers.  In fact, the township will eventually receive a royalty on each prescription filled, saving taxpayers even more.
This program can save township residents up to 75% off their drug cost.  This kind of creativity has helped Maine Township, unlike other local governments, reduce its tax levy by 25%.  Help us support seniors and keep these important, no-cost programs going by voting in the local Illinois election on April 9, 2013.  Punch #81.  Your vote counts!