Criminal Defense

criminal defense DUI

The Law Offices of Laura J. Morask handles criminal defense cases for all feloniesmisdemeanors, traffic citations, and DUIs in Illinois, from investigations through and including trial and post-trial matters.  We will work tirelessly to represent you through all stages of your criminal charge, which can range from a misdemeanor in a branch court to a Class X felony or Murder jury trial at 26th and California.  We handle all discovery matters, bond motions and preliminary hearings, trial matters (including jury trials where voir dire, witness preparation, jury selection, exhibit preparation, and pre-trial motions all play an integral role in mounting the best defense possible), and post-trial matters.  We are also experienced in forensic evidence and analysis, including DNA evidence, drug analysis, and ballistics, and have extensive experience in both working with expert witnesses and cross-examining the State’s expert witnesses.

If you are under investigation or have been charged with a crime, you need criminal defense and time may be of the essence, so contact LauraLaw today to arrange a consultation, and we will discuss your case, assess your needs, and fight for justice on your behalf.