Our First Socially Distanced Friday Frolic!

As Lauralaw reopened their physical space on June 15th, and we welcomed back both our Lauralaw employees, and our clients for in person meetings, our beloved Maddy’s birthday gave us the perfect opportunity to continue a long time lauralaw tradition for our first socially distanced Friday Frolic!

At Lauralaw we work incredibly hard and many times, long hours late into the night to try to fulfill our client’s legal needs. But we also believe in balance and celebrating the moments in life that deserve and need celebration; birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and many other milestones of life. We started a tradition of either holding those events on a Friday or at least trying to write about it on Friday-thus was born Lauralaw’s long-standing Friday Frolic tradition. As many of you loyal readers and clients know, Maddy is the person who live answers the phone, (more on that below), and takes care of us as the office manager, legal secretary, expungement expert and legal intake person, to name just a few of her titles. Her birthday gave us all the excuse to celebrate our “re-opening” after months of remote working from home. From decorations by Tim and Ala to confetti gun blasts (Tim), loads of gifts, (courtesy of Laura loving to shop) and fabulous gourmet cupcakes (again Tim) and hilarious birthday cards (Ala), Maddy seemed to have a great time! Enjoy the pics! And a great time was had by all. I especially love our group photo and the incredible array of masks worn.

In all seriousness, especially in these incredibly stressful times, do not hesitate to reach out to us for help on your legal needs. You will always reach a live person, a feature I insist on because I firmly believe true customer service starts with someone actually answering the phone instead of the master’s degree in communications required these days to get to a live person. Many service oriented businesses well before Covid, had already replaced live human beings with what they believe to be equivalent artificial intelligence allegedly capable of understanding full sentences. As anyone who has been on the wrong end of asking a Siri assistant to connect you to Perry’s Pizza only to be told she doesn’t recognize “Harry’s armpits” (true story), knows, equivalent is complete nonsense. Or you try the age old trick of pushing zero immediately to get to the live agent, the artificial “intelligence” tells you; “I understand you want to speak to a live person but so we can better help you please describe your issue.” And you are again off and running in the race to increase your blood pressure! Okay. I digress…My point was that this will not happen when you call LauraLaw at 847-696-7185. You will reach our office manager, Maddy, or one of our attorneys; Tim or myself. We understand it is stressful enough to need an attorney and we try our best to make your experience as stress free as possible.

You can also contact us through our website at www.lauralaw.org

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