The Law of Office Birthday Parties

By: Tim Black

Whole Crew

The Law of Office Birthday Parties is clear – have one every chance you get!  I could swear there’s a statute to back that up, but our team of legal researchers is among the best in the business (according to our moms), and they can’t find it anywhere.  If there isn’t a statute, any casual reader of the LauraLaw blog could tell you that we here at the Law Offices of Laura J. Morask certainly stand for the codification of the “have an Office Birthday Party every chance you get” rule of law.  And as luck would have it, we had the chance to throw an Office Birthday Party for our beloved Maddy this week – and it was all the rage.  We had clowns, we had elephants, we had waterslides, and we had a bouncy castle.

Sadly, none of that is true except for the party part – we couldn’t get the right permits.  So, Olivia and I waited until Maddy left the office on Tuesday evening, and spent hours filling the room with balloons, streamers, and CONFETTI (so much confetti) to surprise Maddy when she walked in on Wednesday.  Boy, was she surprised!  If only we had captured the look on her face when she found the surprise, it would probably be our new LauraLaw logo.

There was a buzz throughout the office as we worked through the morning, knowing that we couldn’t sing “Happy Birthday” until all of our work was done.  So we all sat at our desks, typing away and making phone calls to clients until the clock struck 2:30.  That’s when the lights went dark, the candles illuminated Maddy’s cookie cake, and our voices joined in perfect harmony to celebrate the anniversary of Maddy’s introduction to the world.  (Side note about the cookie cake – sometimes we affectionately call Maddy ‘Matilda,’ which is not her name, and we asked the bakery to write ‘Happy Birthday Matilda’ on the cookie cake, but when the candles were blown out, we realized it said ‘Happy Birthday Malilda.’ Let that be a lesson to always cross your “t”s and dot your “i”s.)  After Maddy blew out the candles (all in one breath, defying the science of aging), we snacked on a delicious cookie cake while the birthday girl opened her gifts.  Everyone had a smile on his or her face, and it was a great opportunity to put on a party hat, let loose, and spend some time together in the middle of a hectic week.

It’s important to Laura, and to all of us, that we follow the Law of Office Birthday Parties every chance we get because it helps us grow closer as a team and reflect on how thankful we are to have such a wonderful crew of people working at our office.  So, if you see Maddy this month (yes, she gets a whole birthday month), wish her a happy birthday.  If any of your coworkers or colleagues are having a birthday any time soon, throw a party!  It’s the law (well, it should be the law).

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