Birthday Train Keeps Chugging Along

By: Tim Black


IMG_2266The Birthday Train keeps chugging along and making stops here at LauraLaw.  This past Friday, Laura celebrated her 32nd birthday (I swear!) and we weren’t going to pass up on ANOTHER chance to eat cake and shower our fearless leader with love (and gifts).  True to form, Maddy came in early on Friday morning to hang streamers, light candles, strategically place balloons, and give Laura an office fit for the birthday queen.  Tim gave Laura the morning off by covering her court appearance in Rolling Meadows and Dean moved heaven and earth to make it back from Markham in time for the celebration.  The pizza was provided by Perry’s Park Ridge Pizza & Ribs and cake was cooked with care at Mariano’s.

When Laura arrived, she found an office full of employees with a case of the Fridays and an insatiable hunger to start the party.  So we dimmed the lights, lit the candles, and sang “Happy Birthday” to Laura.  Laura spent about 3 minutes formulating a birthday wish, which is how you know it was a good one, before blowing out all of the candles in one fell swoop (a testament to her youthful exuberance).

IMG_2277The office members banned together to give Laura three birthday cards and a gift card to Nordstrom.  We went for three cards for two reasons:  first, because Laura loves to get one funny card and one sentimental card for people on their special day, the office has adopted that tradition; second,  if you know Laura you know that she’s superstitious about many things, most of which is that good things come in multiples of three.  (That’s why when you leave the office, she insists on giving you three hugs to protect you as you leave.)  We couldn’t just put a gift card in an envelope and say “Happy Birthday Boss,” so Ala came up with the genius idea to present Laura with a novelty check.  Even if she didn’t win the lottery, it sure looks like she did!

IMG_2280In the end, it was great to be able to spend another gorgeous Friday afternoon having fun with the family that is LauraLaw.  If we could have birthday celebrations every week, we would.  For now, we’ll continue to make the most out of the weeks we DO get to celebrate.  As for the LauraLaw, we’re back at it this week, working hard to defend our clients.  We have a week full of court appearances, CLE, and client meetings.  But as always, if you should find yourself under arrest or under investigation in Illinois, remember your right to remain silent and contact us immediately.  One of our team members will be happy to assist you with your criminal and administrative needs.

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