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It was announced this week that NBC is considering the possibility of adding a fourth installment to its stable of Chicago-based shows.  Currently, the Windy City can be seen in Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, and Chicago Med, but producer Dick Wolf is in talks with NBC to develop a new series: Chicago Law.  Although the talks are only preliminary, and to date there has been no writing or casting, we here at LauraLaw thought it would be fun to add our input as to who should be cast for the show.  Dick Wolf, if you’re reading this, here is our cast of Chicago Law:

Mayor:  Forrest Whitaker (from Lee Daniels’ The Butler) as the mayor who rose to success from humble beginnings.

Lead States Attorney:  Alec Baldwin (from 30 Rock) as the power driven and strong-minded State’s Attorney.

Assistant States Attorney:  Chris Pratt (from Jurassic World) as the risking taking young Assistant States Attorney.

Assistant States Attorney:  Jesse Plemons (from Friday Night Lights and Breaking Bad) as the formal and levelheaded young Assistant States Attorney.

Assistant States Attorney:  Nicole Beharie (from 42 and Sleepy Hollow) as the equalizer between her ASA counterparts, who balances her passion for social justice against her non-stop drive to make it to the top.

Head Public Defender:  Tom Selleck (if we can lure him from his current role in Blue Bloods) as the social-justice-minded head of the Public Defender’s office, and foil to Alec Baldwin’s character.

Public Defender:  Frances McDormand (from Fargo) as the wacky but brilliant lifelong public defender.

Public Defender:  Michael Madsen (Quentin Tarantino’s go-to guy) as the morally ambiguous public defender.

Private Defense Attorney:  Laura Morask (from Live From LauraLaw) as the pitbull high-powered private defense attorney.  (Mr. Wolf, Laura is a real-life criminal defense attorney who would love the opportunity to act on your show.)

Private Defense Attorney:  William Petersen (from CSI:  Crime Scene Investigation) as Laura Morask’s partner and counterpart.

Judge:  Jeremy Piven (from Entourage) as the fair, but strict judge.

Courtroom Sheriff:  Chris Evans (from Puncture) as the young, volatile, but loyal Courtroom Sheriff.

Courtroom Clerk:  Dennis Franz (from NYPD Blue) as the dry-witted no-nonsense courtroom Clerk.

Forensic Scientist:  Tatiana Maslany (from Orphan Black) as the calculated and occasionally-comical scientist.

Social Worker:  America Ferrera (from Ugly Betty) in a recurring role as the social worker who has always lived in Chicago, and is constantly trying to make her city better.

Police Superintendent:  Gary Sinise (from Forrest Gump) as the newly-appointed Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department tasked with maintaining a good relationship between the State’s Attorney’s Office, the Public Defender’s Office, the Police Department, and the community.


And of course, what is a Chicago Law show without some criminals?


Criminal I:  Anthony Hopkins (from The Silence of the Lambs) as the twisted sociopath who is able to play society and, ultimately, represent himself pro se.

Criminal II:  Tom Hardy (from Mad Max: Fury Road & The Revenant) as a corrupt union delegate.

Criminal III:  Aaron Paul (from Breaking Bad) as the criminal with split personalities.

Criminal IV:  Rosamund Pike (from Gone Girl) as the perpetrator who allegedly kidnapped her own daughter and had her murdered.

Criminal V:  Luis Guzmán (from Carlito’s Way) as the Cartel connection.

Criminal VI:  Wood Harris (from The Wire) as a reformed gang banger that gets caught up in a murder.


We had so much fun putting this list together as a team, and tried to include as many Chicago natives as we could.  We would love to hear what you think about our cast, and if you have any ideas or thoughts about characters and who would play them, we’d love to hear those, too.  In the meantime, have a great safe weekend, and as always, if you should find yourself under arrest or stopped by the police, contact us here at LauraLaw and one of our experienced attorneys will be happy to help you through the process.


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