Friday Frolic & Happy New Year At Laura Law!

In keeping with our Lauralaw six year tradition I want to usher out 2018 with a traditional Friday Frolic to usher in a  Happy New Year and to thank our clients who daily put their trust in us to take care of them! We honor that privilege and truly appreciate it!  We thought we would showcase our 6th annual staff Lauralaw Christmas party (even though technically it was last Thursday!) and some thoughts and well wishes for the best 2019 ever! The photo below is pre-party while Tim was frantically last minute shopping since he was kept so busy on our cases, he couldn’t even start until Wednesday night! I promise you it got a lot more festive….




Maddy, my office queen gifting me with softest blanket ever made and of course I had to dress up like Santa Clause!


But Jake, our blog writer is Maddy’s favorite!

Now onto  gifts!


Somehow my new Assistant and latest member of Lauralaw-Alicja, got Dean to smile-awesome gifts too! Maddy ever the troublemaker decided to give Jake (her Secret Santa) a Bears scarf and up the ante with giving Tim a Packer’s scarf! (He is from Lake Geneva!)


Then, of course we always have to get a picture of our whole group which seems to get bigger each year…Thanks to Tim for teaching us all how to use the timer function on the IPAD photo so we did not need to grab an unwitting passerby to take our picture!


Finally, we raise a glass to Christmas cheer, a fantastic New Year and a thank you to ALL of our team and of course our clients who put their trust in us to take care of their legal health! Here’s to you!


As we head out into the dark and stormy night, LauraLaw wishes everyone a very safe New Year! Feel free to revisit some of our blog posts about celebrating safely and Illinois’ DUI laws. Hint-take an Uber or a Lyft! As always though, feel free to call, email, text us for help should the need arise. Happy New Year!



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